About Dr. Fokiya Akhtar

Fokiya Akhtar is a film director, producer, screenwriter and teacher-scholar and holds a PhD in journalism and film studies

Akhtar has over two decades of combined experience as a teacher-scholar and filmmaker. While working as a professor of Film and Video at the College of Communication and Media Sciences at Zayed University, Dubai, UAE, she worked as a Freelance Producer/Director. In the past, she has produced educational documentaries and instructional television programs for University Grants Commission countrywide classroom in New Delhi.

Akhtar has produced and directed independent documentary films and also produced documentaries, live shows, game shows, current affairs programs for various production houses in India, Oman, and UAE. 

Her documentaries have won official selections and best film nominations at Mumbai International Film Festival; Golden Gate Fiction and Documentary Film Festival; San Francisco Film Festival; International Children’s Film Festival and Delhi International Film Festival which include Children of God, a documentary on special needs children in Dubai (2013) and All Alone and Lonely, a documentary on the widows and orphans of Kashmir (2009).

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